Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Wii!

Are you getting tired of hearing about the wii yet?

Yesterday I did wii fit for 45 minutes. I broke all kinds of records. Did step aerobics and, my new fave, wii boxing! Talk about a great way to get out some aggression!! It was too funny to watch Ella beside me. She got out the little stool from the downstairs bathroom and stepped right along with me. And was completely in the way, I mean completely adorable! (I need for someone who knows how to strike through words to tell me how.)

Sometimes I think the call it wii, so you will think it is more fun than it is! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Off to get more fit! Something must be working because I have to take my wedding ring off to type because it spins around on my finger. Kind of like those hula hoops I'm getting good at keeping up.



Anonymous said...

You GO, girl! :)

Andrea said...

You are awesome!

Kate said...

Glad you're lovin' the Wii! Oh, I could so kick your hiney in Hula Hoops! Ha!!!

Mommakitten said...

That is awesome! We need to exchange wii numbers so you can have our wii characters and we can have yours :)

You have inspired me to break out my wii fit today. Thank you Tonni!

alainaw30 said...

WooHoo! I love the idea of your wedding ring being like the hula hoop. I've plateaued again, so I'm fighting off that discouragement thing. Keep up the great work!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Great job!!!!! The hula hoop sounds fun:)