Monday, March 9, 2009

Names Part I

In the Old Testament days, names were really important. Jacob (one who grasps) was named because he grabbed the ankle of his older twin brother at birth. His brother, Esau, was also called Edom (red) because of his ruddy appearance.

When I was a little girl, I decided that if I ever had a girl I would call her Margaret after my great grandmother. Great Grandma was one of the sweetest ladies ever. I thought it would be a great surprise for my grandpa. So I never told anyone. Sadly, Grandpa didn't live to see my children or even meet my husband. They'd have loved each other.

Anyway, when Kevin and I got married, I knew there would be no problems with the name Margaret because it is his mother's name, too. It was nine years before we had that baby girl. But her name isn't Margaret, it's Grace Margaret. Grace means gift from God.

A year before she was born, I was home sick from work. I admit, it was a mental health day, but I was home. It was late morning/early afternoon and I was praying. Kind of on and off as I drifted in and out of sleep. But I remember very clearly a voice in my soul that was so loud it was almost audible. It told me that I would have a girl, but her name was to be Grace. How do you argue with that? And our Grace truly is a gift from God and Margaret means pearl. And she is an amazing rare pearl in our lives.

All of our kids' names have stories to them....tomorrow...Olivia Lian!


Angie said...

I'm gonna love reading about the names! We named Gracie "Marilyn Grace" for the same reason. She's truly a gift from God and my mom's name was Marilyn. When my mom died, I promised to name my first daughter after her to honor her. Now I have to go look up what Marilyn means!

Dawn said...

I love to know the meaning of names and why they are chosen!

I'm sure your stories also make your children feel special, too.


Dawn said...

I enjoy hearing how people come up with the names for their kids. Mine aren't as exciting as yours but maybe someday I'll post about it too.

Now I'm really wanting to know how someone comes up with a name like Ickket or whatever that story Yahoo news had up the other day..I mean really what were THEY thinking! LOL

Andrea said...

I love hearing how your kids were named. We always tell Ethan that you loaned us the baby name book and that's where his name came from.