Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brenda and Bekah Came to Play!

They brought 66 (!) cans of Playdoh. But they made up for it by ordering pizza for the kids and sending Kevin and I out for dinner!! They were in town so Rebekah could play soccer at 7:15 this morning. YUCK! It was freezing, 40s and raining during the game. Brenda, dedicated mother that she is, stood out in the elements to watch her only daughter play goalie. Not that I would really know how nasty it was, as I was in my nice warm bed! I only rub this in because, did I mention, she brought 66 cans of Playdoh with her??
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Andrea said...

Was it the soccer tourney in Milford? I am so glad that Noah's team lost only for the fact I didn't want to be there today! Is that a bad mom moment?

Dawn said...

SIXTY SIX???!!!! WHOA that's a lot of playdoh!!!

Glad to hear you and Kevin got to go out though, I hope you had fun!

Unknown said...

I would gladly allow 66 cans of playdoh at my house in trade for a few hours of peace.