Friday, November 7, 2008

What a Week

Busy, busy, busy. I'm sure none of you feel that way! LOL

Lots of errands this week to get a package ready to send to Cub@ this weekend. Hopefully all of the folks at Grace Church are getting letters and pictures together. Please pray for the people of Cub@ as yet another hurricane is headed their way. Food is already becoming harder to get. Please pray for Pastor Jose as his visa has still not come through. If it takes much longer he may not be able to be here by the 8th of December as we are planning.

Yesterday, the Melody Makers, the volunteer choir made of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at my children's school, gave their first perfomance. Our Gracie is quite the performer. Really animated. She had so much fun on stage. She also has a roll in the Christmas play next month. And yes, I said CHRISTMAS!! In fact, her principal referred to it as the Christmas play. Not winter or holiday, but CHRISTMAS!!

Parent Teacher Conferences for Olivia and Grace were this week. I am so proud of my girls. Their teachers said the same thing about both girls. They are working to their potential. I cannot ask for more than that. Well, I can. But that was answered, too. Both of the girls are very well behaved and treat their teachers and classmates with respect. (Just like they treat everyone at home, right? NOT!!)

I've had three straight days of migraines this week. I promised Kevin I'll call the doctor this morning and make an appointment. It's getting really hard to function. I have the best husband. He's worked all morning and then come home and taken over the household so I can take pain pills and crash. He is simply amazing.


Kate said...

Hope you feel better soon! Get to the doctor, young lady!

Dawn said...

What a week girl!! I sure hope your headaches get better. Kait is on her 3rd day this week as well, it must be in the air. Have you seen the new commercials for the new drug for migraines. I think we are going to try to get a sample of it to see if it will work or not. Can't hurt to ask for a few samples while you are there.


rednk-n-eurp said...

sorry about the headaches. :(

Unknown said...

why do you write Cuba with a @?

Let's pray the embargo is lifted in 2009.