Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Everybody in the City

Charis started it. Of course. She starts everything! A few months ago, at bedtime, she started telling me, "Mama, I love everybody in the city!" It eventually began to make it's way into her prayers. "Tank oo for mama an daddy an Gracie an LiLi and Ziah an Bella an everybody in the city!
Josiah's take on it, is to ask, everytime we are in the car is "Are we still in OUR city?"
Ella wants to know if Mama knows everybody in the city? (No dear, that is your father's department.)
But I must admit, they are a great reminder daily, sometimes hourly, to be praying for "everybody in the city."


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting fact about our city that I learned when taking a class way back when at CBC or now CCU.

The professor took our class out to the overlook on campus at night. (it was a night class)

He told us that on any given night there are apx 1 million lights that light up downtown.

He also said that is also apx the same amount of folks who either call Cincinnati home or work here.

He said each night he uses the beauty of downtown Cincinnati lit up to remind him to pray for his neighbors - to pray that God's light shines on them and to pray they are God's light to the world.

That moment has always stuck with me.

Mommakitten said...

Wow, Cindy and Tonni, both of you have touched my heart. Thank you. Actually I think I should thank Charis. Thank you Charis, I am praying for everybody in our city.

Andrea said...

Out of the mouths of babes - thanks Charis for reminding me to pray for my neighbors.